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Piston Compressors

Belt Driven One Stage Piston Compressors

Range of single stage belt driven compressors combining compactness with strength and reliability.

Belt Driven One Stage Piston Compressor

These compressors are a great match for more demanding semi professional and professional applications which includes all use mentioned for direct driven compressors, but adds to this professional painting, impact wrenching, hammering. The pumps have 2 oil lubricated pistons compressing the air alternately and they are produced in different hp variants and many different vessel sizes.

ABAC single stage belt driven air compressors have a proven design and fulfill the high level requirements of our wide customer base.

Key benefits:

  • User friendly gauges and switches
  • Efficient cooling of the aluminum cylinder heads and cast iron cylinders thanks to large fins
  • Generously-sized crankcase and splash pin for excellent lubrication
  • Great efficiency thanks to the stainless steel suction and discharge valve
  • The flywheel is fitted with a large number of blades and is perfectly balanced to provide efficient ventilation
  • Dynamically balanced cast iron crankshaft for optimal performance

Belt Driven Two Stages Piston Compressors

Range of two stage belt driven compressors is top of the bill. They combine performance, reliability and user friendliness at the same time.

Belt Driven two Stage Piston Compressor

These compressors are suitable for service and repair professionals, and can even be used for small industrial applications. Grinding, hammering, sandblasting are just a few examples. The air is compressed two times and extra cooling is provided between the stages to achieve higher performance. The compressors are produced in different power variants up to 25hp, and many different vessel sizes up to 1000 litre.

ABAC two stage belt driven air compressors are known for their performance and reliability thanks to the extensive experience of our design teams.

Key benefits:

  • Less wear thanks to reduced temperatures:
    - intercoolers and aftercoolers or delivery pipes designed to reduce air temperature
  • Full user comfort
    - clear pressure indicators and regulators
    - easy to check oil level indicators
    - silencing filters
  • Great flexibility on moveable units:
    - multiple air outlets
    - large rear wheels
    - jockey wheels (with brakes)
  • Efficiency in design
    - large crankcases for optimal lubrication
    - flywheels to optimize the airflow over the pump
  • Reliability
    - strong cast iron cylinders and crankshafts
    - aluminum heads and coolers

Direct Driven Piston Compressors

Range of direct driven compressors represents the most popular, durable, efficient and reliable products of its kind.

Direct Driven Piston Compressor Designed to offer both home users and occasional semi-professional users quick access to air and the use of pneumatic tools. They are available in many different configurations, and the most typical applications include inflating, blowing, airbrushing, nailing, stapling, washing, screwing, … ABAC air compressors incorporate the latest technology and are designed using cutting-edge precision methods. High quality standards and high levels of automation are key in our factory.

Key benefits:

  • Excellent value for money
  • Ideal for all domestic and professional applications
  • Compressor range available with and/or without oil
  • Lightweight and portable
  • User friendly pressure gauges, regulators and connections
  • Starts up easily at low temperatures
  • Large cooling surface thanks to big cooling fins on cylinder and heads
  • Stainless steel reed valve for outstanding performance
  • Single-phase motos with thermal protection and automatic reset
  • Motor fan blades shaped and positioned for optimal coolong
  • Suction filter integrated within the cylinder head for optimum protection during transport

Silent Piston Compressors

Range of silent belt driven compressors brings user friendliness and work space comfort to the next level.

Direct Driven Piston Compressor There are different configurations available: floor and tank mounted, with or without dryer.

Key benefits:

  • Noise levels acceptable for normal professional and industrial work environments
  • Noise reduction
    - Strong full metal canopy
    - Insulating foam
    - Vibration dampers
  • Easy access and maintenance of all internal mechanical and electrical components
    - removable panels or hinged doors
  • Centralized control panel on all models
    - convenient switches
    - easy to read gauges and pressure regulators
  • Double ventilation on 7.5 and 10 HP models
    - large diameter flywheel
    - electric fan
  • The full feature variant: tank-mounted dryer
    - guarantee for better performance of your pneumatic air systems and tools
    - reduction of installation time and space
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